About Me



Paige is an Artist and Twitch Streamer currently working full-time as a sculptor/welder/painter in a studio in Calgary AB, creating large and small scale props for Dentists, Children's Hospitals, Libraries, Amusement Parks, etc. She graduated from the Alberta College of Art + Design in 2017 with a Bachelors degree in Fine Art, majoring in Sculptor. Paige has continued her Art practice working with ceramics, mixed media, digital art, film photography, traditional painting and is always exploring new materials.

Paige was born in Vancouver British Columbia. in 1995. She grew up with her twin sister and older brother. Paige and her family moved from various small towns in British Columbia and Saskatchewan struggling with finances and addiction. Paige and her sister moved out at 15 due to the addictions and toxicity of their family's environment. After working fulltime at McDonalds and still managing to graduate high school she moved to Calgary Alberta to pursue her degree in the arts.

To get in touch or to learn more about Paige visit these platforms:
Twitch: paigesharris.live
Instagram: @paigesharris
Twitter: @paigesharris1

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